Steven Pressfield

I. Recommended Resources for Getting Started Quickly

II. Bits of wisdom that stuck with me.

  1. Resistance keeps us from being all we can be.
  2. The way to combat resistance is to turn pro.
  3. When we turn pro and do the work, angels and muses align with us.
  4. Many pedestrians have been maimed at the intersection of Commerce and Resistance
  5. Territory vs. Hierarchy.  Artists must be territorial, they cannot care about how they compare to others.
  6. Love his description of a day in his life!  Inspiring.

III. How I got into it

I wish I remembered!

IV. Dissonance and doubt

He’s a little gruff, a marine dude.  Kind of dark.  I admire him, but I’m not sure I’d like to hang out with him.

Also, I find myself resisting his superstitious quirks: the invocation of the muse, the lucky cannon, etc.

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