Byron Katie

I. Recommended Resources for Getting Started Quickly

Her website,, is wonderful and includes a ton of short videos.  What I love about it is that they’re sorted by topic, so you can immediately go see a relevant topic.  For me, it was money.

I actually really enjoyed getting started with her most famous book, “Loving What Is.”  The explanations at the beginning were great, I was off and running.

After understanding a bit more about the work, which is relatively simple, I enjoyed watching several interviews with her.  They allow me to get a deeper cut at the wisdom behind the wisdom.


II. Bits of wisdom that stuck with me.

  1. The four questions that make up “The Work” or inquiry, used to question thoughts.
  2. There are two ways to have cancer: being okay with it, and being at war with it.
  3. No matter what, I am “man sitting on chair” or “man lying down.”
  4. I love God, and God is what is.
  5. My business, your business or God’s business?  I’m happiest when I stick with mine.
  6. The Work is not just for painful thoughts.  People who love their lives also use the work, because the inner life is so beautiful.
  7. Thoughts are my children.  I don’t hate my thoughts.
  8. I love my daughter.  She might be dead, for all I know, might have gotten hit by a truck, and I’m still happy.

III. How I got into this thinker

I was staying with a friend and picked up “Loving What Is” from her shelf.  I had heard the name before a lot, but never felt curious until that moment.

IV. Dissonance and doubt

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