1. A dance sangha with weekly gatherings

We want an intentional community of regulars.  A place that feels like home.
People with shared values who like each other.
Our local role models are Rhythm Sanctuary and Boulder Contact Lab.

What does this mean, practically?
- opening circles and other structures which invite depth of connection
- we plan to invite people who are already drawn to community
- we’ll focus on a two-month membership commitment
- we value quality of connections rather than quantity; 30 friends is better than 100 strangers
- we hope to grow through members inviting their friends to a free first lesson and dance


2. An appropriate venue

Boulder Integral Center is a beautiful, energetically safe space.
This is important for a dance that thrives on introspection, emotion and intimacy.

The curtains, nice furniture, altars, meditation mats and zafus, decorations… everything fits nicely.

We would use the Middle Room for classes and either the Middle Room or Meditation Room for dancing.


3. Intentional, progressive classes

This dance sangha will be an expression of Mihai’s unique way of teaching (ecstatic blues) dance.
It’s a place for people who share these values to meet and build community together.

Consequently, the classes will be an integral, almost central part of the experience.
The focus will be on self-discovery, connection and practical creativity.


4. An eclectic musical journey

Mihai plans to DJ a solid mix of…
- real blues (John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Memphis Slim) for clear, solid, earthy rhythm.
- soul/jazz (Etta James, Nina Simone, Sidney Bechet) for more complexity, melodies and variety in instruments.
- bluesy pop (John Mayer, Portishead, Alicia Keys) for familiarity and fun.

Unlike most social blues/swing dances, a specific musical path will be traced.
Just like Rhythm Sanctuary, we will start with energetic, faster music and slow it down, with a climax and resolution.

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sarah hallowell August 31, 2011 at 5:42 AM

Dear Mihai,I read about your offering on Annas LIst this morning.
I had such a huge body-hear-soul YES to what you are offering, your languaging of the dance is what I aspire to,I realize.
The sad fact is that I just have sold my house and left Boulder for at least this year. ;(
(tho I may be back in DEC/JAN).
Any chance you would come to Asheville/Black Mountain NC this Fall?
or will you teach Dec/Jan in Boulder?
I am longing to study and dance under your guidance…..
with joy and longing, Sarah


Joy Om September 3, 2011 at 9:09 AM

I have not experienced this dance form yet and have not danced much in a long time but am interested in possibly participating as a dancer lives inside!
Let me know what might work.
Joy 303 449-8664


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