If you’re new

by mihai on September 6, 2011

If you’ve never heard about ecstatic blues dance…
A friend just told you about it…
And you’re curious, but don’t know quite what to do…

1. Check out a couple of videos

2. Read up on my philosophy/technique, the actual material I teach
3. Come to a lesson/dance (an intro night?) and
  • wear comfortable, flat, flexible shoes.  barefoot okay, high heels are troublesome.
  • avoid wearing very strong colone and perfume, as some people are allergic
  • come by yourself (most do) or bring a partner (it’s okay to not rotate in classes)
4. If you want a definition, explanation…  I don’t know what to tell you.  Defining dancing in general and especially blues is like over-analyzing a poem.  You could do it, but what’s the point?  It’s experiential, and I hope you’ll get to experience it firsthand.

Not new?

Please add your own comments below.
What advice would you have for a new dancer?

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Vincent Giannetti September 6, 2011 at 10:12 PM


So glad to hear you are still in the Denver area….

I will be in Denver this coming week 09/14 to 09/19 and hope I can catch one of your

I was in Denver last 08/18 to 08/23 and caught your lesson at the “TURN” and had a blast dancing and learning…. My lady, Jane Hascall and I have danced blues both in Denver and this past weekend in Taos, NM….We are enjoying Blues dancing immensely……


mihai September 9, 2011 at 7:53 AM

Cool, you guys can catch my “opening night” on Thu Sep-15. It’s in Boulder though…

Rock on,
Mihai =)


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