by mihai on August 19, 2011

I was recently introduced to the idea of extending.  As in, no matter how things go in relationship to another, especially when there’s some charge, assume good intentions and be the first to reach out.

Last night at the Turnverein, I really enjoyed my students.  Over a water cooler conversation, someone said something and I realized, that’s it!  That’s why I enjoy my students.  Because I extend: I have loads of Unconditional Positive Regard (thanks for the term, Carl Rogers!) for those who chose to be in my class, in my care.

This is a crucial, yet undervalued part of teaching.  The best ones do it, people like Andrew Sutton and Nick Jones.

When I extend care for my students, I get more accurate information about what they need.  They’re more likely to listen to me.  And most importantly, it’s just fun.  Time flies by.  I celebrate their successes, and have extra patience when things aren’t going so well.

I enjoy teaching this way.  I hope I can do more extending into everyday life.

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