Private Lessons

Thinking about taking a private dance lesson?  Great idea!


Why Private Lessons?

Group classes are great for teaching standard material to the average student… who does not exist.
You’re a pretty unique individual, aren’t you?  With your own goals, your own quirks, your own likes and dislikes?

A private lesson allows you to improve your dancing, while preserving your individuality.
It accelerates your help, by having a professional start exactly where you are, and help you get to where you want.

It is the best, the quickest way to learn the art of dancing.


The Spirit

I ask all my students to be their own primary dance teachers.  What exactly does this mean?

In a private lesson, I’m only your secondary teacher – your assistant.
Your first choice, as a primary teacher, was to hire me.

Consequently, you have the right — and I want you — to make sure the lesson is working for you.
I am completely at your service.  I know dancing, but you know you – which is more important.
I will be decisive and competent, I will have my opinions about what we should work on…  but you’re still the boss.

So please let me know, at any point, if there is a way I can better help you get the most out of the lesson!


My rate, discounts and barter

My hourly rate is $80.  I feel very comfortable that I will provide $80 worth of value.
You are welcome to share your hour; I’m happy teaching as many as 4 people for the same price.

I do offer discounts for…
• students currently enrolled in one of my weekly series (one lesson at $50 per student)
• weekly pre-paid students (four lessons for $200)

Since I had basically no money when I started dancing, I’m also sensitive to those with financial needs.
In general, if you can offer your time and support, we can work something out.

I am currently bartering for rolfing – because I wanted to get that done anyway.
Please feel free to suggest a barter.  Who knows, I may take you up on it?


Location and Floor Fee

It’s important to have a room with (in order of importance) space (10×10 feet for blues), a good sound system, hardwood floors, privacy and mirrors.
I currently teach my private lessons at Kakes Studio and Boulder Integral.

Kakes and BI charge a $10 floor fee, which the student pays…  thankfully it’s not $25 like it is in New York!
I’d love to have my own studio, even a home studio, so I could bypass this fee for my students.  Until then, I don’t have a choice.

I have sometimes taught lessons at students’ houses, if they’re easy to get to on a bike and/or public transportation.

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