A New Beginning

by mihai on August 18, 2011

You think social dancing is “just” something to do.

But really, it will change your life.

And when you finally feel what it’s like to have one of THOSE dances…

Then you’ll see that it’s worth almost any sacrifice.


I love dancing for so many reasons.  Self-discovery, physical competence, feeling good in my body all the time, enjoying quality touch, creativity, expressing my love for music, access to welcoming communities everywhere, reclaiming my confidence and power, quality time with romantic partners, masculinity practice, learning to follow and surrender, etc.

I teach dance because I help others access these same things.   And, frankly, because I teach dance in a unique way.  I joke that my job is to undo the damage that ballroom dancing has caused, but it really breaks my heart that people are turned away from the joy of dancing for mistaken reasons.

I have inspired beginning dancers in San Francisco, New York and around the country.  While visiting Boulder this year, I fell in love with it and I want to move here.  I’ve been teaching workshops on and off, and I’ve received numerous requests for regular classes.

Will you join me?

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