TPG Intro

by mihai on April 3, 2012

Next Boulder Intro:  Thu April 5th, 5:30-6:45pm at the Integral Center.  RSVP on Facebook.


We had the first Intro last week, on extremely short notice. Fourteen of us showed up and felt the power of co-working.  Strong positive reviews for the value of the intro itself, and 4-5 people actually decided to take the entire program!

These days, I do 95% of my work in Actions: 25-minute work blocks, which help me stay focused and feel good about work.

In just over one hour, you’ll

  • (a) learn how to use the Action tool
  • (b) have the experience of doing an Action yourself
  • (c) feel ready for TPG co-working mornings at the Integral Center
  • (d) learn about my 5-week TPG: Foundation training program

Please bring whatever you need (laptop, notepad, iPad) to do 25 minutes of work. The content of this work block doesn’t matter; it can be something you already need to spend time on, or I will give you a topic.

We will start and end everything exactly on time.
Here’s the schedule:

5:15-5:30 Arrive (middle room) and socialize.
5:30-5:40 Intro to The Action Game
5:40-6:05 Everyone does an Action together
6:05-6:10 We all take a break together
6:10-6:45 Time for follow up questions, benefits of The Action Game, invitations to TPG: Foundation

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