Six Words

by mihai on January 2, 2012

Reading SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project, I was hooked.  Like a haiku, the restriction of form inspires my creativity.  I wrote my own two memoirs, “Found out life is a dance” and “Ivy League computer scientist, still recovering,” but also started using the six-word structure for other things.

Most notably, at the end of 2010 I wrote a bunch of six-word acknowledgments for my new friends.  Took me hours and hours; it was well worth it.  See below.

Now on January 1st, I’m in the process of doing the same for the friends I met in 2011.  I’m a little daunted by the energy and will take, and also very present to the gift it is for me, and for them.

Putting a little extra thought into the intention and structure of it, too.  Do I want to share how this person impacted me, how I feel when I think of them?  Or do I want to acknowledge something unique about them, and make it funny?  Can I do both in six words, or do I need two separate acknowledgments?

For example, with Alex I did both by writing “Brotherhood for growth.  Is that true?”  Brotherhood is how I feel about Alex, which also shares impact.  “For growth” touches on our agreement to prioritize growth over comfort, meaning we’ll err on the side of speaking truth, even when it hurts a bit.  And “Is that true” refers to Byron Katie’s Work, which I myself also love, but jokingly accuse Alex of being addicted to.

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