MLF Nov 2011

by mihai on December 9, 2011

I used to love making mixes, and sharing them with friends.  Why not start again?

Among other things, this inspires me to seek and process/rate new music.

Here is my Nov-2011 mix, with an occasional personal note of what a song means to me…


Faboloso (Fabolous)
A minute-and-a-half lively hip-hop/R&B song to kick off the mix.  It's got attitude, and a flute loop!
Drive Slow (Kanye West, Paul Wall)
Love that trumpet in the background, the steady beat, Kanye's enunciation...
The end is a bit weird, when they actually distort the sound, slowing it down.
Fast Car (Wyclef Jean, Paul Simon)
What a great combo of voices, with nice contrast...  Also love the acoustic guitar.
Mil Pasos (Soha)
When I got this song after hearing it at tango, I just played it on repeat a bunch of times.
I love not only the contrast between Soha and guy who comes in, but the shift in languages.
Who mixes French words into a Spanish song?!  Gotta love that!
Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.)
This reminds me of high school.  Pop rock ballads can sometimes be nice!
A Mozart Re-Incarnated (Ennio Morricone)
This classical piano piece comes from the movie "Legend of 1900," about an orphan pianist,
named after his birth year, who lives his entire life on a cruise ship.  He plays this wistful
piece while making eye contact with a lovely woman outside, a woman he will never meet...
I enjoyed the whole movie, too, especially the piano duel with Jelly Roll Morton.
Steal My Heart Away (Van Morrison)
I just love Van Morrison, but this song definitely has extra significance for me this month.
I was playing it on my computer, when I stopped to listen to a voicemail from a lovely girl
Her message, same as Van's words: "Cause I know if I'm with you again, you'll just steal my heart away."
Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Melody Gardot)
Loved this song so much, I did a blues-tango fusion demo in SF to it with my friend Mirabai (in early Dec).
Trade It All, Pt. 2 (Fabolous)
Saint James Infirmary (Van Morrison)
I Got It Bad (Cootie Williams)
Pablos Blues (Gare du Nord)
The Healing Game (John Lee Hooker, Van Morrison)
Tin Tin Deo (Oscar Peterson)
Rain (José Feliciano)
Ride Your Tears (Lucas Swafford)
Fool To Cry (Rolling Stones)
Teach Me How to Dougie (Cali Swag District)
C-Walk (Kurupt)

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