Twenty things I learned at ACL

by mihai on November 7, 2011

I can authentically care for a wide range of people, including those I initially feel averse to. Thanks, Bill and Dan!

If I bring my attraction to a woman while in touch with my divine masculine power, whatever happens, she will NOT go into mommy energy (as she will if I'm too in touch with how vulnerable that approach is).  Thanks, Briana!

Instead of "How are you feeling?" I can say "How are you feeling? Tell me or show me."  And I have the ability to respond that way, too.  Thanks, Sujana!

Some commitments are too important to let my insecurities get in the way. Thanks, Bryan!

Feeling intense love/attraction for strange men. Allowed. Possible. Very awkward.  I pretty sure I'm still straight. Thanks, Adrial and Ryu!

Effective leadership can smile, delegate, hold a vision for health and wholeness, promote other leaders...  even get triggered and fall apart. Thanks, Marco!

I can work way harder and give way more. Thanks, Chelsea!

I have more to learn about how to be with people who get defensive and refuse to admit it; there's something missing in my bag of tricks or beyond it.  I can put on a good face, but triggers cleared solo and not with the other leave lasting pain and discomfort. Thanks to my Sat morning trigger buddy...

Observing body language cues and communicating them (count 2001, 2002 before speaking) is powerful.  Checking context (is the intention there, do you actually care about everyone getting your communication?) is even more powerful. Thanks, Decker!

Reminder... Feminine fierceness is sexy and fun. Thanks, Kendra and Becca!

Unapproachable isn't always. If I pay the (not so high) cost of reaching out first, I might find an enjoyable surprise. Thanks, Jonny!

I love enthusiasm expressed, and giddy works as a style of leadership.  Brits I meet at circling continue to rock. Thanks, Alex!

I will always respect someone who demands more juice ("I want your hearts on a plate in the middle of the table!") and then, when challenged to lead the way himself, totally walks the walk. Thanks, Chris from lunch t-group!

Work sucks for most people. Bringing authenticity to work can be a real challenge, a real downer. Thanks, Zac!

You can contribute to a group through a heartfelt solo dance. Wow and thanks, Mel!

Sometimes, long-anticipated connection totally delivers. And swing dancing is best on carpet, with dim lights, while someone is singing from the heart during a closing ceremony. Thanks, Dano!

I'm not sure what the lesson is exactly, but there's a way of applying training, imperfectly but with heart and joy, which awes and captivates me. Thanks, Mariann!

Birthdays and Christmas memes. How committed am I to bringing authenticity to the world? What's the risk in being "that guy"? Thanks, Bryan...

Atlas can have a rich emotional presence somewhere even without a physical presence: through the people he supports. Thanks, Bollt!

Brilliant ideas for a AW course are not exclusive to Bryan and Decker. Talk about changing lives, mine included, without having the name "leader"! The ultimate lesson in leadership. I underestimated you. Way to go and thanks, Robbie!

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