Meditation Moment

by mihai on November 3, 2011

I try to sit for 10 minutes every morning.  I just did that now, and had a straaaaange experience: a mini energy healing session.

I can’t explain this stuff, my mind just stops.  So I’ll report my experience.

Within minutes, I felt something I didn’t welcome.  Fear, something like that.  And instead of doing whatever I normally do, and being however I normally am in moments like that, I actually got curious and went deeper into it.  Instead of the “listen” koan I learned from Mondo Zen, I was using “further” from Jed McKenna.

So the fear got worse, and spread out through my body.  My eyes started twitching and rolling, my cranium felt warm, then I started dry heaving.

It was an intense experience, and it just moved through me.  I didn’t have thoughts, or even feelings really as the physical part happened.  Then my body relaxed, though still feeling the impact and after effects of that process.

I wonder if this happens to other people when they sit.

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